Quick Quiz

Here we are then, a quick quiz to see how much you really know about Noggin and his adventures.  Clicking the button at the bottom of the page will give you the answers.  Good luck!

What was the name of Noggin's father?

What did Peter Firmin see that inspired him to create Noggin the Nog?

What does the saga of "The Pie" have in common with "Noggin and the Whale"?

What relation was Nogbad the Bad to Queen Grunhilda?

Who wrote the evocative music that accompanied the recorded and televised accounts of Noggin's adventures?

From where did Ronf hail?

What were the giant birds called that came to Noggin's rescue in "The Flying Machine" and "The Icebergs"?

As well as Oliver Postgate, who else regularly narrated the Noggin tales?

Who was Arup?

Which of Noggin's adventures have been shown on television?

In which saga did we encounter Haroun ibn Daud?

Where did Nogbad's Granny live?

True or False - The saga of "The Firecake" is about Olaf the Lofty discovering the recipe for curry.

What was the name of the plant that overgrew Noggin's castle and the homes of the Nogs?

What was the name of Nooka's father?

In what year did Peter Firmin put pen to paper to create the first saga of Noggin the Nog?

In which saga were the Nogs introduced to the machinery of time keeping?

In what year did the Post Office issue a Noggin the Nog 1st class stamp?

What grade of Ice Dragon was Grolliffe?

Which other very popular Smallfilms creation first appeared in one of Noggin's adventures?

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