Copyright & Credits


Firstly, as this site is totally unofficial (although exists with the blessing of Oliver Postgate), I suppose I am technically infringing numerous copyrights.  However, as I am maintaining this site purely for the love of it, and am making no money from it, I would prefer to think of it more like a group of friends chatting in a pub than a formal web publication.  I hope that the various copyright holders will also see it that way!

The character of Noggin the Nog is � Oliver Postgate (the stories) and Peter Firmin (the illustrations) and the music � Vernon Elliott.  Although I believe that all other copyrights have now reverted to Smallfilms and are currently being managed by The Dragon's Friendly Society, there may be other bodies who also have a copyright interest, including the BBC and book publishers such as Kaye & Ward Ltd and Harper Collins Ltd.  I hope I haven't put any of these people's noses out of joint with this site, but if you're reading this and you've got some sort of claim on Noggin the Nog, please let me know so we can discuss it and hopefully come to an agreement.

Finally, I suppose I'd better assert my own copyright, so the design and contents of this web site not already copyrighted by anyone else are �1997-2003 Neil Jones.


Since starting on this site I've discovered that building a web site from scratch is a lot of hard work!  However, I have received a lot of assistance from a number of people.  Just like the Oscars, but in no particular order (apart from alphabetical), my thanks go out to:

Nigel Baker

Alan Bound

Michael J Crookes

Elaine Cusack

Austin Day

Chris Dyer

Richard Evans

John Fletcher

Alan Hayes

Iain Ratchford

Gus Stewart

Dan Tilley

Paul Walker


and anyone else I might have forgotten! (Let me know if I have, and I'll add your name).

Finally, my most sincere thanks go to two people: Oliver Postgate himself, for the support, material and assistance he has so kindly provided; and Loaf, for bringing the memories back to life.  Thanks.