The People

Noggin, King of the Nogs. Son of Knut, King of the Nogs and Queen Grunhilda. The hero of the Tales of the Northlands; a wise and trusted king he is much loved and respected by his subjects. He ascended the throne on the death of Knut, taking Nooka as his wife and queen.

Noggin, King of the Nogs

Nooka, Queen of the Nogs

Nooka, Queen of the Nogs. Wife of Noggin and daughter of Nan of the Nooks. It is from the land of the Midnight Sun that Nooka hails, where she remains Princess of the Nooks. The voyage undertaken by Noggin to seek out the hand of Nooka is recounted in "King of the Nogs".

Prince Knut. Son of Noggin and Nooka and heir to the throne of the Northlands.  An intelligent and often ingenious child, Knut has inherited the wisdom of his father and the calm compassion of his mother.

Prince Knut

King Knut

Knut, Late King of the Nogs. Father of Noggin and husband of Queen Grunhilda. It is with the death of Knut, the wise and aged ruler of the land of Nog that the Saga of Noggin the Nog begins, with "King of the Nogs".

Queen Grunhilda. Mother of Noggin and widow of Knut. A powerful woman who strikes fear into those who cross her, particularly her brother-in-law, Nogbad!.

Queen Grunhilda

Nogbad the Bad

Nogbad the Bad. Noggin's black-hearted and scheming uncle, who will stop at nothing to take Noggin's crown for his own. Whenever troubles abound, one can be sure that the wicked Nogbad is behind them. Banished from his black castle in the Land of the Nogs, Nogbad retreated to stay with his granny in Finland, but often appears living in other lands (usually having forced out the rightful inhabitants) with his flock of infamous black crows.

Graculus. A large green bird from the Hot-water Valley. When still an egg, he was given by a trader to Nooka's mother who raised him from a chick. With the marriage of Noggin and Nooka, he became Noggin's servant. Graculus is a wise and devoted friend, spending much of his time by his new master's side and has come to his rescue on several occasions during Noggin's many adventures.


Thor Nogson

Thor Nogson. Captain of the Guard, Noggin's Champion and a brave warrior. Often accompanies Noggin on his many and sometimes perilous adventures. Though probably not the most mentally gifted of the Nogs, Thor Nogson remains a loyal and trusted servant of Noggin who will always put his own safety behind that of his king.

Olaf the Lofty. Court inventor and friend to Noggin. Although Olaf's inventions are invariably ingenious, so they are also invariably unreliable, often with dramatic results.  Indeed, many of Noggin's adventures occur as a direct result of Olaf's most recent grapples with science

Olaf the Lofty


Ronf. One of the little people of the Hot-water Valley beyond the Glass Mountains. Ronf is a fierce and hot-headed individual, who, like his people, sees others as giants as opposed to himself as small, and will fight anyone who says otherwise. Ronf was chosen for his braveness to be an ambassador for his people and seek the help of Noggin to rid the Hot-water Valley of a huge dragon that ravaged the land, as is chronicled in "The Ice Dragon".

Grolliffe. A clerical grade Ice Dragon and Honorary Treasurer to the Dragon's Friendly Society.   Though he spends much of his time asleep in his cold cave in the high hills, Grolliffe and the Society  are always at Noggin's call to show their appreciation of Noggin's help in "The Ice Dragon".


The Nogs

The Nogs. The honest and peaceful people of the Northlands are devoted and loyal subjects to Noggin and Nooka.