"This stuff could become the root of all evil.  Best I spend it."

Where you see this picture of Thor Nogson getting to grips with Olaf the Lofty's latest "invention", money, it means that an item is available for sale.  Clicking on him will provide you with details of where you can buy the item.  As more and more Noggin stuff returns to the market, hopefully Thor will start popping up all over the place!

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Until very recently, there was no "current" Noggin stuff on the market.  However, this was all changed by The Dragons' Friendly Society with the re-printing of the twelve original Noggin sagas, "Nogmania" and the release on video, for the first time ever, of all 6 of the animated Noggin sagas on "The Sagas of Noggin the Nog".  Details of how you can get your hands on these products can be found at The Dragons' Friendly Society web site at  The Society isn't just stopping there either, so we can look forward to seeing more Noggin stuff in the near future.

If, however, you're yearning for some of the older stuff, then it's pretty rare on the second-hand market.    There are still videos to be found at car boot sales and jumble sales though, and the odd book still turns up in second hand book shops.  If it's books you're after though, I suggest you buy a copy of "Book Collector" from your local W H Smiths, which is a monthly publication full of adverts from second hand book dealers (surprisingly!).  You'll also find a few second hand book dealers have a presence on the net - any search engine should be able to help you here (I suggest YAHOO!).  I have to give a personal recommendation here though - Cusack Books is certainly worth checking out and Elaine Cusack, who runs the site, will quite happily keep an eye on the market for anything you're after.  Don't forget to tell her I sent you!  Also, don't forget to keep an eye on internet auction sites, as the odd video or book also appears from time to time, often at very good prices too.

Happy hunting, and if you come across anything that's not on this site, please let me know!

Anything Else?

There's still a lot of Nog stuff out there, so if you've got details of any which isn't shown above, or actually got anything else yourself, please get in touch.